Hydra Tool 4.7 Crack Without Dongle 2024 Free Download

Hydra Tool 4.7 Crack + Full Version With Keygen 2024

Hydra Tool 4.7 Crack is the best mobile service tool for the latest MediaTek, SpreadTrum, and Qualcomm SOC-powered smartphones, including those from the 7000 series. The program includes a completely redesigned compute and display architecture that was built from the ground up with Metal in mind. Without authentication, you may unlock and install stock ROM on your Oppo, Huawei, LG, Vivo, and Xiaomi handsets.

Hydra Tool Crack 2024

Overall, this is a well-known utility that provides a convenient platform for checking and altering mobile phone codes and patterns. Security codes are used to protect a gadget from unknown users in great detail. As a result, Hydra Tool Crack Without Dongle 2024 offers simple and easy solutions to maintain the health of your mobile phones. To be brief, it is a tool that is straightforward to use and performs all the functions correctly. We hope, you will also like to get Tenorshare 4MeKey Torrent 2024.

Hydra Tool Crack Download Latest Version Without Dongle 2024

Hydra Tool Activation Key 2024 is the outcome of a collaboration of ideas based on years of research and experience in the development of mobile solutions. There are currently four different modules: Main, Qualcomm, MTK, and Spreadtrum. You can use Qualcomm and the spd module for free on our website with no additional work. Flash, unlock, bypass, remove FRP lock, Mi account, and many other features are available in the cracked edition.

Special Features:

  • Xiaomi Standalone and Hydra Server Authorized
  • Special Repair by OPPO (Repair Dead From TestPoint)
  • BROM Bootrom Port-Dump (Method 1 and Method 2)
  • Remove the OPPO ID (Flash Mode)
  • Without selecting a brand or model, 99 percent of Qualcomm chips are auto-selected.
  • Remove the OPPO Demo (Flash Mode)
  • Xiaomi Standalone and Hydra Server Authorized
  • Most new CPUs are vulnerable to a BROM exploit.
  • RPMB can be read and written (eMMC and UFS)
  • Flash Init for the BROM Port-Dump Preloader.
  • FRP Ultra Option + Userdata Format
  • ByCpu Payload and Universal/Generic Payload are exploited by BROM Port-Brom.
  • FDL1 and FDL2 Booting, by Auto/Manual Loader, by Pac Loader, by Brand, by FDL1 and FDL2 Loader
  • Turn on the “One Boot” option.
  • Auto Learning Mode (Self-Learning)

When you connect your devices to this program, it checks for faults and fixes them automatically. For comprehensive working, Hydra Qualcomm Tool Crack searches your mobile phone for codes and can even generate new ones. Everything is OK; your program phases are briefed, and problems are addressed. It restores your devices to their original state once they have died. It indicates that the program takes care of all concerns related to unlocking and fixing without causing any stress.

Moreover, it sharpens and secures a system, and it allows you to update your EMEI number using a successful operating approach. Hydra Dongle Crack 2024 quickly creates a backup and remedies the problem during the flash. Furthermore, the built-in software of devices can be readily reset. It refers to any component of hardware or software that exhibits issues that cause the program to resolve and respond to spam. For quick data transfer, you may like to use iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer Full Crack.

Hydra Dongle Crack 2024


  • Online updates for loaders, models, and other items are available without having to download the entire program each time a new version is issued.
  • If users encounter a mistake, they can use the software’s form to submit a request for fast resolution.
  • The product has a framework that allows you to inform the engineers about any faults that need to be corrected straight away.
  • You can also make requests or recommendations; we would appreciate it if you did so.
  • If a new version is uploaded to the server, the software will notify you. (Auto-updates must be turned off while using the cracked version.)
  • Without losing data, the Hydra Tool Crack 2024 can write firmware, read firmware, repair invalid IMEI, reset FRP locks, and reset screen locks.
  • After flashing stock ROM, your data will be erased, so make a backup of your papers before using the tool.
  • When another adaption is transferred to the worker, the product notifies you.

Extra Features:

  • Preloader should be repaired (Flash Mode)
  • Re-initialize the modem (Flash Mode)
  • ExData should be repaired (Flash Mode)
  • Deep Fix by BB (Flash Mode)
  • Preloader should be started (Flash Mode)
  • BPLGUI backup (Flash Mode)
  • Test your memory (Flash Mode)
  • Unknown Baseband should be fixed (Flash Mode)

Hydra Tool Main Module:

When the main module is enabled, you can use the following functionalities for specific smartphone models.


  • Modem Port Factory Reset New and Old Methods to Reset FRP Mode, PIT Table, Partition Information Table, Write Default Encrypt File System (EFS) (PIT), Write a certificate using Qualcomm’s UART and Exynos’ Exynos, and Diag ADB + Root, enable One Boot Option.


  • Repair IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 via Modem Port, Write Firmware KDZ by Download Mode Diag Mode Direct Unlock, Factory Reset Download, and Modem Mode Partition Table Manager, Repair IMEI IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 by Diag Mode, Modem Mode Security Options, as well as Read, Write, and Wipe


  • USB 1 Boot in Testpoint Hisilicon CPUs, Factory Reset, Huawei Account Hisilicon Certificate Read and Write, Bootloader Functions, read the info, FRP Remove, Factory Boot USB1 and Repair IMEI, Wifi, Board Vendor Code, SN, BT, Country Code


  • Write Qualcomm XML Firmware, Ultra Power Option, Safe format and Wipe Userdata for MTK, FRP Remove, Write MTK Scatter Firmware, Read and Write Dump, Xiaomi Mi Account Removal, and Partition Manager are some of the features available

Firmware Tools:

  • Spreadrum Pac Firmware Extract, eMMC Dump Extract, Asus Raw Firmware Extract, OPPO OFP MTK Firmware Extract, LG KDZ Firmware Extract, Samsung LZ4 / Tar Firmware Extract, Huawei Update APP Extract

Hydra Tool Qualcomm Crack With All Features

  • Firmware Writer – Write in EDL Mode Fastboot Direct Protocol, Write Dump *.bin Firmware, Manual raw.xml and patch0.xml, Write in EDL Mode Nokia NB0 Firmware, Select Huawei UPDATE.APP Firmware, Write in EDL Mode Firmware written in XML
  • FRP should be removed –Fastboot Mode, ADB Mode, EDL QdLoader Mode, and FTM Mode are all EDL QdLoader modes.
  • Xiaomi Mi Account – Patch Method, Erase Method, and ADB Mode can be used to restore Mi Account, remove FindDevice, and remove Mi Account.
  • Partitions Operations – Service Tool – Full Erase UFS Chip, Write Security/EFS, Reset/Wipe Security/EFS, Backup Security/EFS, Full Erase eMMC Chip, Backup Firmware, Backup Firmware Except for Userdata, Full Read Dump, and Full Write Dump are all part of the Partitions Operations – Service Tool.
  • Format Factory Reset – Fastboot Mode, EDL QdLoader Mode, ADB Mode, and Xiaomi SideLoad (Mi Assistant Mode) are all available.
  • Repair IMEI and Security – Repair IMEI EFS Method, Xiaomi RSA Devices, Repair IMEI NV Method, Repair IMEI, MEID, ESN, and other IMEI-related issues. Patch & Write IMEI inside QCN, as well as Read & Write QCN
  • Security of Screen Locks – Remove Locks Without Data Loss, ZTE Remove Screen Locks, Disable Screen Locks Apps, Red Pattern, Restore Screen Locks Apps
  • Options for the Boot Loader – Generic Brands Unlock Bootloader, Xiaomi Unlock Bootloader with Patch File, Generic Brands Unlock Bootloader (Fastboot)
  • Partitions Manager – Backup Partitions, Read Selected Partitions are written, and Selected Partitions are erased.
  • INFO ON THE SYSTEM – Read-Info, Boot-Info (EDL Mode, Fastboot Mode, ADB Mode)
  • Options for Reboots – Fastboot to EDL, Fastboot to Bootloader, DFU to EDL, ADB to EDL, FTM to EDL, and a slew of other options are available.

Hydra Tool MTK Crack Full Capabilities:

  • Firmware Writer – Dump Firmware and Scatter Firmware
  • Partitions for Backup (Flash Mode) –Security Files, Factory ROM Read the entire eMMC dump
  • Protection from a factory reset – device bootloader must be unlocked in Fastboot Mode, and device USB Debugging must be enabled in ADB Mode for Auto, Zero Wipe, Format/Erase with Flash Mode.
  • Bootloader – MTK Bootloader Unlocker and MTK Bootloader Relocker
  • Reset to Factory Settings – Meta Model, Flash Mode, Fastboot Mode, ADB Mode, and Xiaomi SideLoad are some of the options available.
  • IMEI and Security Repair – Xiaomi IMEI Repair, IMEI Repair, Meta Mode IMEI Repair, Vivo IMEI Repair, ATCI Mode IMEI Repair
  • Partitions Manager – Selected Partitions are written, Partitions to Read and Back-Up and Selected Partitions are erased.
  • Extra Power to Repair – Fix DL Image Error, Rebuild GPT, and fix Preloader
  • Network Security Locks – Direct Unlock, OPPO Special Feature, Read Locks, Advanced Stand-Alone Unlock Analyzer
  • Vivo Special Tool – Vivo Calbirate Infrared, Vivo Clean UserDisk, Vivo Clean Root Mark, Vivo Read Phone Mode, Vivo Calibrate Camera, and Vivo Calibrate FingerPrint
  • Huawei’s Unique Tool – Remove Huawei Account and Anti-Theft Software
  • MTL Keypad – FAT16, FAT32 Read User Codes, Change User Codes, Reset User Codes, and Repair IMEIs are all things that you can do with your IMEI.
  • Options for Reboots – Factory Boot Mode, ENGINEERING Mode, Meta Mode, ADVMETA Boot Mode, and a slew of other options are available.

Hydra Tool SpreadTrum Crack With All Features:

  • Firmware Writer – Firmware for the Pac File and Hydra Ini
  • Partitions – Dump [NOR] Chips to Read and Dump [NOR] Chips to Write
  • Reset to Factory Settings – Fastboot Mode, Flash Mode, and Diag Mode
  • IMEI and Security Repair – IMEI Repair in Diag Mode and IMEI Repair in Flash Mode
  • Security of Screen Locks – Read Pattern, Remove Locks Without Losing Data, Disable Screen Locks Apps, and Restore Screen Locks Apps
  • Network Security Locks – Read Simlocks and Unlock Directly
  • Options for Reboots – Fastboot to Bootloader, ADB to Recovery, Enter Diag, Fastboot to Normal, and a slew of other options are available.

What’s New in Hydra Tool 4.7?

  • When processing a project with image alignment enabled, a crash could occur.
  • For better support on macOS Catalina, the application has now been notarized.
  • 8-bit rendering on integrated Intel GPUs was fixed, which could have resulted in a faulty image.
  • On Macs with older discrete GPUs, a crash was fixed.
  • Compatibility and stability with the next OS X update have been improved.
  • Translucent user interface that is both elegant and simple to use.
  • Tone mapping has been greatly improved, with presets and a live, full-resolution display.

File Information:

  • Latest Version: 4.7
  • File Size: 933MB
  • Architecture: Both 32-bit & 64-bit
  • MacOS: 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, or above
  • Windows: Windows XP, 2002, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10 and 11

How to Crack?

  1. Remove virus protection and then click on the given link.
  2. For faster downloading, make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  3. Now complete the downloading process and extract files into a specific directory.
  4. Install the Hydra Crack 2024 and then run the loader file.
  5. During installation, you have to run the file as administrator.
  6. Wait for a few seconds, then enjoy the full crack.

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Hydra Tool Dongle Crack is a well-known and fast tool that allows you to control and manage all of your mobile phone’s hidden issues. In addition, it enables you to create stunning HDR images by combining many exposures, effectively capturing dull and brilliant things to make them more regular or to boost the show of a scene. To get the latest version with a crack, go to the link provided below.

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